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Styles are the name for the Blankos classes. Every Style will have Power Moves (active skills), Perks (passive skills), and even special Hidden Perks you unlock just by leveling and GradeUPs for your Blanko. In addition to these, there are also base skills like a melee attack and sprint which all Blankos will have

Note that skills can also be altered via modifiers which allow the skill to act/behave slightly different.

The number of Styles might be different from Season to Season. You might see Styles from older Seasons become available again; you may also see similar Styles but potentially with new Power Moves and/or Perks.

In a future update, it is planned that Skill MashUPs, which will allow you to customize and combine the skills of your Blankos even further will be introduced.

Styles & Skills were implemented into Blankos Block Party as of June 2nd, 2021. If you’d like to read up on the legacy skill and class system, click here.

Note that all videos in this article are prior to Early Access Patch 3 on 30th September 2021, where the Blanko Levels changed from 1 to 5, to 1 to 15.

Power Moves

When you unbox a new Blanko you’ll get a one-time opportunity to choose two Power Moves for it, but here’s the trick—out of the box, Power Moves only come in a pair called your Style.


Style is a classification determined by the types of Power Moves assigned to your Blanko. Each Power Move belongs to a family or Set that shares the same basic characteristics—Spin, Boost, Dash, Ground Pound, Shield, Trap, and Melee. New Styles and Sets may pop up from time to time and old ones might retire, so fit your Blankos with the best moves while you can!

N.O.O.B Style

Trickle Style – Trickster

Foundation Perks

Every Blanko, even those who are New Out Of the Box (we call them N.O.O.B.s), has access to two Foundation Moves: Run and Shove. These classics never go out of style, and for good reason—they’re useful in any Block Party. Shove doesn’t use any vibe energy at all and Run is a pretty low spend, Both of these moves are essentials for your arsenal.

Specific to the Blanko Style are other Foundation Perks. Foundation Perks adjust innate things like vibes energy, health, and even Foundation Moves, or how much health your Blanko has. Power Perks allow you to modify your Power Moves directly. The best part is Perks are always working in the background.

Seasonal Styles

The number of Styles might be different from Season to Season. You might see Styles from older Seasons become available again; you may also see similar Styles but potentially with new Power Moves and/or Perks. In a future update, we plan on introducing Skill MashUPs, which will allow you to customize and combine the skills of your Blankos even further. More to come on this in a later update!

Season 0 Styles – June 2nd, 2021


Power Move: Light Foot

  • Get a 3-second boost of speed with extra maneuverability and jump. 3 charges.
  • Power Perks:
    • Ready to Run – Boost starts matches with a full charge meter
    • Run and Gun – You can boost while shooting.
    • Hot Steppin’ – Your boost leaves behind a trail of fire that damages enemies.

Power Move: Dunk

  • A Ground Pound that lets you hang in the air briefly before slamming down and stunning up to three Blankos.
  • Power Perks:
    • Bass Drop – Your Ground Pound deals +15 damage.
    • Drop and Cover – Gain a 50 health shield for 15 seconds after you ground pound
    • Drop and Hop – Get a height bonus if you jump right after a Ground Pound.

Foundation Perks

  • Rapid Revive – Start with +20 health and regain more health per second.
  • KnockBlock – Knockback resistance
  • Vibe Blast – Gain 100 health and an energy boost upon using a cannon.
  • Eagle-Eyed – See enemy nameplates from farther away.
  • Re-Vibe – Your vibe energy regenerates faster.


Power Move: Juke

  • Quickly dash in any direction. 3 charges.
  • Power Perks:
    • Mach Wave – Your dash deals additional knockback.
    • Battery Pack – Your dashes have an additional charge.
    • Crash Zone – Your dash has a larger impact zone and hits up to three Blankos

Power Move: Swerve

  • A spin that lets you slip by enemy Blankos and makes you temporarily invulnerable.
  • Power Perks
    • Downward Spiral – Spin lets you briefly float.
    • Turn and Run – Get a brief speed boost after you spin.
    • Endless Cycle – Hold Spin button to keep spinning. Costs 15 energy per second.

Foundation Perks

  • Steppin’ Up – Jump farther while running.
  • Off the Wall – Jump higher off of walls.
  • Invigorated – Spawn with a 100 health shield that lasts 30 seconds.
  • Ampli-Vibe – +25 energy
  • Quick Comeback – Respawn from knockout dramatically faster.


Power Move: Bubble Shield

  • Encase yourself in a bubble that absorbs up to 100 damage, meanwhile increasing your jump height and slowing your fall.
  • Power Perks:
    • Thick Skin – Activated shields have +50 health.
    • Longer Lasting Shield – Your activated shields last twice as long.
    • Duck and Run – Gain a speed boost when your activated shield is broken.

Power Move: Vibe Trap

  • Deploy a decoy vibe that explodes and deals 30 damage to all nearby Blankos. 2 charges.
  • Power Perks:
    • Wide Net – Increase your trap’s trigger area.
    • Extra Holdings – Your traps have one extra charge.
    • Trap Damage – Your traps deal +20 damage.

Foundation Perks

  • Knock Block – Knockback resistance
  • Health Buff – +50 health
  • Vibe KO – Regain 50 energy whenever you knock a Blanko out.
  • Quick Pick Up – Greatly reduces stun time after falling.
  • Eco-Vibe – Your basic run costs 33% less energy per second to use.

Which Style should I pick??

The choice is up to you and your play style depending on your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not very good at shooting, then perhaps you might like the Tanker. Alternatively, if you aren’t very good at racing, perhaps a Wrecker or Tracer may be a better fit. Check out the video below from AyeZ which breaks down the 3 styles.

Class Guide

Head over to this article to have a look at some Class builds for you to try for each! Note that each build will be reliant on having everything unlocked for your Blanko and will play into specific strong suits! Remember: get creative with these and make these builds your own!

Hidden Foundation Perks

What are these?

Hidden Foundation Perks are special traits for Blankos that are discovered upon reaching specified progression milestones. These perks are selected out of a pool of possible perks. Once unlocked, these traits are permanent and cannot be changed. Currently, this system is starting with Perks, but in the near future, other unique attributes will become a part of this system.

How do I get them?

For Season 0, Blankos (outside of the Tutorial Blankos: N.0.0.B. and Trickle) will unlock two Hidden Foundation. Once unlocked, your Blanko can equip them into the Foundation Perk slots just like your other foundation perks.

What are the Hidden Foundation Perks for Season 0?

The list of possible hidden perks are as follows:

  • Payback: Explode for damage after death (30 second cooldown)
  • Endurance: Speed boosts (and power ups) last longer
  • Vibin’: Regain energy while dancing
  • Gibe and Revive: Regenerate health while taunting
  • Cheat Death: 50% chance to survive on lethal damage (w/ 2 second shield and at 1 health). 60 second cooldown
  • Raze and Run: 5 second Speed boost whenever you eliminate an enemy
  • Attention Hound: Regain health/energy while using attention emote
  • Dazed and Refuel: Regain 100 health when you stun an enemy

Important Note

Blankos will only be able to unlock 2 Hidden Foundation Perks from the list above and both will be unique to each other.

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