Blankos Block Party is all about style and community. Share your images with the community by submitting your images. This could be an amazing MashUP, fanart, a blanko design, a building asset you made, a cool screenshot or even a meme.

By submitting your image, other members can view, rate and comment on it. They will also be able to filter all your submissions made by you, so you can show your Blankos Block Party gallery to the world!

Use the form down below to submit your Blankos Block Party related image!

If you are submitting a Blend, Mash up, Mix of Blankos, be sure to select the “Mixing & MashUPS” category to ensure it gets filtered to the MashUP Gallery. Also make sure you add the correct tags for the Blankos name and/or accessories so that they appear in those respective pages & so other members can find it!

If you have a Completed Party (level that you built) that you’d like to share, make sure you submit it here instead.

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By submitting an image, you agree to the Submission Terms and Conditions.

Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting your image, you:

  • Acknowledge that images must be related to Blankos Block Party unless otherwise approved.
  • Have used appropriate tags such as the Blanko names or main colors seen.
  • Give Blankos Junction permission to use your submission materials at their discretion such as for social media and/or promotional purposes.
  • Allow Blankos Junction to make modifications to your post content. This may be for things such as formatting/grammar as well as to place your image into the correct category and adjust tags etc.
  • Acknowledge that there is zero tolerance on the following: Inappropriate images, plagiarism, copyright infringement.
  • Acknowledge that the image you have submitted is of your creation or you have permission to post that image from the person who created/submitted it originally.
  • Failure to agree and meet these terms may result in an account ban from Blankos Junction in conjunction with deleted images.