Frost Bite
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 My submission to the winter map building challenge. Featuring a large ice serpent with frost breath. Twist and wind your way around the equally as twisty serpent to reach the … Read More

Heart of Asia
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 Gamemode: Vibe Collect;  Description: Collect the heart fragments scattered across China. Visit farmlands, temples, and sacred fountains to find all 30. Gameplay Video

Fantasy Fort – jhcosmic
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 A fantasy world set in winter with giant mushrooms, a castle, snowflakes and an enormous dragon with the finish line in its mouth! Collect 150 vibes as you make your … Read More

Dragon’s Den
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 May the fiery feast begin! Dragon eggs are rich in protein, taste amazing, and a single egg can feed a whole family for a month. Why don’t you sneak in and take … Read More

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