Freddy Yeti
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 Early Access Edition! The snowy spires of the Himalayas are known for being nippy. But fear not! Freddy Yeti’s got you covered. Fred loves sharing a hot cup of cocoa … Read More

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Artist: Nicky Davis
Season: 00, Early Access
Price at release: 2000 Blankos Bucks/$19.99 USD
Rarity: 4000
Description: The mere sight of a bare brick wall sends Bullseye spinning into a vortex of spray paint and passion. When the hissing can falls silent and the fumes die down, all that’s left is a technicolor masterpiece. Bullseye’s struck again!… Read More

Trapper Cap
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Season: 00, Open Beta & Early Access
Price on release: 600 Blanko Bucks / $5.99 USD
Rarity: 623
Description:Did you know the body loses 90% of its heat through the ears? But, that’s not really an issue for Blankos…Still, keep ’em toasty warm with fuzzy earflaps. … Read More

No Ring Queen
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Season: 00, Open Beta
Price: 600 Blanko Bucks
Rarity: ???
Description: Blankos prefer chains anyway… Read More

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