New World Omega

This is not ascension. Your will falls away as you tumble into the fourth dimension. Terrible vistas open before you: glimpses of the tangled thread that led you here. You never had a choice. The era of Zeta has ended. It is the Omega Hour.… Read More

Zeta Amanatra

Partying amongst the stars isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to renounce your three-dimensional illusions and align with the fourth dimension. Don’t worry, Zeta will guide you. There is nothing to fear.… Read More

Puguillo Tranquilo

Early Access Edition! Some dogs spend their whole lives chasing their tails, but Puguillo’s been busy stacking bones. With a healthy nest egg, he’s ready for some much needed R&R. He’s a good boy. So if you see him napping…let sleeping dogs lie.… Read More


Early Access Edition! Eyes cold and dead, a frightful gaze Freed from a mirror world to raze No more to joke or entertain This jester’s here to maul and maim A creepy laugh from the unhinged Welcome, welcome, Harlekin!… Read More

Skivvy Klown

Early Access Edition! The show is over, Klown is giddy Alone at last, in just their skivvies. Dancing ’round without a care But stops when faced with what’s appeared A lonely mirror, now fear sets in Reflected back an evil grin…… Read More

Ultra B Dino

Early Access Edition! Contact with Chem B has changed the Boss forever. Imbued incredible powers and mega muscles, he’s more than a mere titan of industry…He’s Ultra B Dino! When it comes to making money, he means business! Minted from Chemical B Dino.… Read More

Chemical B Dino

Early Access Edition! The discovery of Chemical B and its applications in renewable energy should have made Boss Dino bags of cash. Instead, a routine R&D visit left him covered in radioactive sludge. He’s alive, but feels…weird. Minted from Boss Dino.… Read More

How much does it cost to get to EX15 & to Gem Rush?

With the recent Gem Rush event, you may be wondering how much it would cost to get to EX15 without playing the game or how much is your EX15 is … Read More


:|| override_command//Early.Access :|| repair_disk…COMPLETE :|| recall_action>fetch… :|| fetch>core.mem/prm.obj :|| …SUCCESS :|| run.prm.obj>Kill Mode ENGAGED. :|| AT0M.atn.KM Minted from Atom.ATN.ERR. Max supply 200. Not MashUP compatible.… Read More


D:|| Disengage>Kill/Mode//Early.Access :|| …parsing_cmnd…critical.failure… :|| fetch>core.mem/restore.op.system :|| dcrpt[code:Kr0NK_BBP]… :||! Error…Error :|| file_corrupted…AT0M.atn.ERR Minted from Atom.ATN. Max supply 2000. Not MashUP compatible.… Read More

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