The Best Skill Category in Blankos?!

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In this video Deejus talks about which Skill Category (Trickster, Bruiser, Speedster) is currently the best in Blankos Block Party! He explains why he believes it is the Speedster, even though the Trickster is his favorite.

To find out more about skill trees, check out the Blankos Junction written guide, here.

Which Skill Category do you think is the best and which skill category is your favorite?

As of June 2nd, 2021, the information above is out dated due to the major Patch prior to Early Access.

15 Responses

  • Agree with all your points, the dash is the “best” but agree that its not the most fun. The improved wall jump is great on trickster. You can slide into Blankos to make them dizzy. Similar to ground pound on bruiser. Shame you can’t use all skill points and activate all abilities at the same time though. My personal favorite is a speedster which runs fast as opposed to dashing. Yes I won’t be close to jdn or gamerwiz but I have fun and that’s the most important part.

  • I haven’t set up a trickster Blanko yet but I agree that it is the coolest one! I’m going to open another Blanko here soon and I’ll probably make it a trickster. I’m kind of thinking of using Zantar like you as well lol just makes sense for him I think.. Great video Deejus!

  • For me I love Bruiser. Mostly due to the fact I can run around Junction using the Ground & Pound skill to send other Blankos flying. I have 3 unboxed Blonkos and they all have different skills. I think Trickster is for the more experienced player to use Dash, Speedster is the general great that everyone can play, and Bruiser doesn’t really have a useful skill as the wind up to G&P is slow and opponents can often get out of the way from getting hit.

      • I think Ground Pound needs to have a knock out ability as well. Yes, you can daze people, but it isn’t considered a knock out in shooting maps. A defensive element would also be a cool tactic the skill could have as well. I have a map specifically for the G&P, so I’m anxiously awaiting the update where it can TKO people.

    • Going off of your ground pound should be able to knock opponents out comment haha I agree but if the opponent is at like less than 20% health or something like that! So you could use it more like a finishing move

      • I think it should do like 20-25 damage when hit, but it would allow for an opponent to be KO’d and get credit for it. Either that, or it could send an opponent flying off the platform and still count as a KO.

      • I’ve capped the reply nesting to two, so you can only reply to a reply, but not reply to a reply to a reply. Let me know if you think this should be increased.


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