The Dungeon Keeper

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My main FOLS challenge entry. This map was designed initially to be a dark dungeon with a skeleton and souls theme but I went ahead and created a deeper, lighter story by adding a doorway to an alternate happy reality where everything is colourful, lovely and bouncy, as well as potion table and crystal ball as evidence of a dark wizard’s workings. The dungeon keeper protects the soul’s cure for darkness.

Type: Vibe Collect (Collect Most Vibes – 555 vibes in 5.5minutes)
Players: 2-16

Gameplay Video

4 Responses

  • Awesome build Cosmic! The lava free fall into the dungeons is really cool as well as the landing! I had trouble with the first vibe but I saw you took care of that already! The skeleton is really awesome and I LOVED the ending room! Great build

    • Thanks @shanobie ! Yes, not sure why that first vibe was so hard to collect as it was easy enough when I was testing the map even without vibe attract…I can be a bit picky when it comes to symmetry so it didn’t make me too pleased to not have the vibe centered in the cube but gotta do what you gotta do :P. Cheers for the feedback!

    • Wow, thanks for the comment man! honestly thought when I set out to make a skeleton that it would look sh*t but it came together better than I expected. Sometimes you just gotta go for it and things work out 🙂


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