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      Hey everyone,

      Curious how many players would be interested in an organized community tournament?

      Thinking to start simple with races and vibe collecting modes for a tournament with about a dozen rounds and a points scoring system to determine the final winners. If there’s enough interest, we could also run a separate track for FPS modes. We have experience running large tournaments in NYC and have a small Blankos community here that would definitely join.

      Would people prefer prizing in PayPal, crypto, Blankos/accessories or a mixture?

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      This is a great idea, thanks for sharing,  you should also promote on official discord and twitter as well as chavios stream, the core og blankos player would be keen I’d think.

      Althought blankos and accessories as prizes would be dope, the current game does not allow gifting, I think that prizes in paypal is a good idea, not everyone is into crypto, so that may be confusing but I guess that could also work as webshop accepts some crypto payments. Just has to be one with low fees.

      I think if you give winners the option, I.e. $xx via PayPal or xx in crypto, and the winner can decide.

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      Great idea! Hope this can be a reality soon. I really wish Blankos would add gifting.

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