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      You’re kidding me right? How do you have tasks in a big gigantic world and no arrow or 2d map that shows you where to go. The way this game shows you where to go is by spinning the entire game in a circle til you are disoriented and don’t know which way to go to the next task. I’ve spent three days getting corpal tunnel syndrom, litterally not exagerating. I’m not even trying to spell correct my wrist hurts so bad, and still stuck in the tutorial trying to find the shaman. Please make an arrow that points to the next task goal like you have in evey party scene. Either that or the shaman has disappeared, Where is the shaman?

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      Hi Sifr,

      Agree that a small mini map would be beneficial, it has been suggested by many members already in the official blankos discord. Remember, Blankos Junction is just a fansite, we aren’t the dev’s so if you have any suggestions for improvement, reach out to official support via or the suggestions channel on the official discord.

      Generally you can find the next required task via a green aura in the sky.

      I have run through the tutorial as well and you can cross reference this to help you finish the tutorial.


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