Blankos missing from Vender Blender!


Hi everyone! Happy Patch Day! I was walking around the Junction, and I noticed that all the Blankos are missing from the shelves of the Vender Blender. (See the red highlighted area) Any speculations what this means? I have a few, but I want to hear yours. Please post your suspicions and speculations in the comments below. Thanks!


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2 Responses

  • For me it’s weird, there is nothing from far away, I walk in closer they appear with their heads detached from their body, then go in a bit, their arms wide open, then I go in again and it’s as per normal.

    • The same thing happened to me yesterday! The day I took this screenshot however, I got closer and closer and they were still 100% invisible. I noticed this with other NPCs as well. I’ll try to post some more screenshots of this strange bug.


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