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El Dos Veces by Flipurcards.

Backstory: Born as Hector Emilio Rocket Racer Rebel Cortez, but better known by his stage name El Dos Veces. He was a decorated Luchador who grew up in Mexico City, after struggling his way through the streets Hector discovered his amazing Lucha Libre abilities by rescuing a struggling Chupacabra from a gang of evil Luchadors. After defeating all 37 evil Luchadors with one hand he went on to win the 2 biggest Lucha Libre tournaments in all of Mexico. Known as the greatest Luchador of all time El Dos Veces left the ring for good in search of a new challenge. He has heard of the ever famous Block Party games and is coming for his crown!

Featured for Community Design contest launch (Nov 2020)

Blankos Junction

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