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  • Hi Vacuous, first off, thanks for submitting your party! It looks really cool, I love the layout, the floor is amazing and the use of rocks and props is really good. I couldn’t get enough players to play it but I walked around the map to take a look. The map is huge! Some feedback – I would move the lobby waiting area, it’s not very exciting, maybe perhaps inside the area so we can admire your awesome floor! The second floor is a bit hidden, it’s cool how you have arrows and the glass area there to protect players as they go down to the 2nd zone, but the 2nd zone lighting is very low so it’s hard to see. Also I feel like this map is way too big, If you kept it to one floor only, that’d be more manageable. The idea was cool for 2 stories though, maybe when player base grows it might be okay.


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