Watergun At the Beach – WHALE 1 Year Anniversary

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In this dustup, arriving in the Whale tour bus, you will find yourself searching for a watergun(rail gun) or some water balloons(grenade launcher, rocket). Then try to dominate the beach decorated for the first birthday of the Whale community.

  • Game mode: Free For All (FFA) Shooter
  • 8 to 16 players
  • 4 minute
  • No jetpack

Thank you and all feedback are welcome!

This  is my build for Whale community first birthday. The build was released 2 days past the deadline for the competition but it was important for me to not leave unfinished work on the table.

I would also highly recommend checking out the following parties (All amazing builds 😉 )

One Response

  • I took a stroll around this map and it was amazing! The detail in the bus was great, you even did a toilet in the back and the license plate. The road. The whale omg, the whale was amazing. The scale of it was perfect and you could feel it’s power. The dolphins were really amazing too! It really felt like a being at the beach and where the sun is placed is perfect setting for the beach. The beach chairs, rafts and little details were perfect too. Can’t wait to try this out with others. What I did notice is that the amount of ammo on the map seemed a bit low, but maybe that was intentional! Anyway, amazing map Aume, shame you didn’t meet the deadline but it’s an incredible map!


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