Whale Hatter Tea Party

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Mad Hatter tea party map for the Whale Community 1st birthday event, hosted together with the dolphins, sharks and whales of the community, along with community leader Alegria and of course the one and only WhaleShark himself. Collect the most vibes within the time!

Tip: There’s 365 vibes and one secret one to make it 375 😉

Players: 4-18
Time: 4:20

Gameplay Video

One Response

  • Again the detail in this map is insane. I love the tea party, the cups, the cakes, the donut, the whale hatter and guests at the table, the chairs & decorations, the 8 bit dolphins and sharks, everything blew me away. I loved running around and collecting the vibes and even scaling the lights & cards that are hanging. This map makes really good use of the jetpack & the use of the cannon was really smart on this map. It’s one of your best jhcosmic, but then again, all of your maps are amazing. The Whale Community is extremely lucky to have you.


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