Whale Miner

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‘WHALE MINER’ is a Vibe collect (or mining :)) map in a crystal/gold mine carried by a hungry whale. Start in the depths of the crystal mines and find your way out up the melting pot to collect the remaining Vibes above ground. Keep grinding or another Blanko may get there first.

Guns scattered to help you prevent other Blankos from getting their Vibes. Beware though, get too lost in shooting and there may not be enough time on the clock for you to complete the mining mission!

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 2-15
Time: 6 minutes

Gameplay Video

8 Responses

  • Yayy finally found 125 vibes and discovered the hidden rocket launcher! Its like a treasure hunt, one of the few maps that has it all and leave players wanting more or to play it over and over again. Great attention to detail, fun and engaging, test your flying skills, shooter and vibe collecting.

    Good idea with keeping it time limited which keeps the challenge in place. One minor suggestion (not necessary) is to may be put some guns or vibes on the whales? I did fly up to one of the whales hoping there was something there haha.

    • haha yeah I really wanted to use the whales more for the game but it felt like it would have expanded it too far.

      Now that you’ve said you went exploring up there it makes me wanna add some secret stuff. I can’t remember if I left it there but there is/was an opening in the whale’s mouth so you can go inside. Need to check that.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • No problem 🙂 I only went up there because I thought I saw something at the tip of the whale’s nose but it was just a distant image of the loading zone lol.

        Wait what!? You can enter the whale’s mouth, no way.


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