[Winter Challenge] Frost Pikes Treasure – Aume

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Hi everyone!
Here’s my first Party post on Blankos Junction!
In this map I was exploring the possible scenery within the Party block budget and the idea of free run or multi path races. It was a great practice around dimensions between the overall map, the Blankos size and the objects scales.

 Game mode:
Collect 75 vibes (there’s a little more in each path)
Most K.O (Every adventurer has a revolver 😛 but make it count no ammo around! )

In this adventure-like party, Frost pikes Mount hide the Purple Skull treasure.
You and a group of Adventurer teamed up to reach its summit and loot the treasure.
Now that you have the treasure in hand, it’s “Everyone for themselves”.
Who will be the most cunning, the fastest and reach the boat before it leaves.

Gameplay Video

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  • Thank you guys! Both great confirmations. I’m actually super happy we have Blankos Junction website since I crave for in-game Party description/intros and more “creator to player interaction” tools in the builder.

    I was very undecided on the time of the day to pick but personally, even if it make the game harder, the night sky is the my favorite.

  • Hi Aume, just gave this map a go, it was really fun to play, I loved sliding down all the slopes. The boat at the end also had incredible detail. The images don’t do it justice. I’ve uploaded a video of me trying it out for your reference. Note some suggestions for improvement – The distance between checkout 2 and 3 is a bit confusing in terms of where you have to go because the arrow kind of leads you astray. Suggest you add some more checkpoints or add some arrows so people know which direction to head in. Suggest you add some more ammo at the end of the map to keep people entertained. The pistol gun is very weak and you won’t be able to kill someone with just 12 bullets (unless they are standing completely still) at this time as the shooting mechanics are still very raw.

    • Thanks a lot a lot for uploading the featuring video 🙂 super happy!
      The suggestions are very good thank you its true that seeing the video afterward the racing arrow goes completely the other way. I will had some indication for sure, since the race has multiple paths It was restraining on where to put checkpoints so that both path reach them 🙂


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