Winter Wonderland [Winter Challenge]

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You wake up. Open your eyes. You mutter to yourself, “What is this place?” Surrounded by tasty treats and presents galore you quickly realize you’re in… Winter Wonderland! ❄️🎁🍬

Thank you all for the support while creating this map!

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  • Just played this level and wow I love the attention to detail, the drum, the robot, the desert bowl, the open presents, the fidget spinner, the bear, the snowmen and the train! I love how it’s not easy but possible to get the rocket launcher and the rail gun, really good placement. Only improvement I could see was if your waiting area had some more interaction and there was a bit more ammo scatter around your key landmarks. Otherwise very impressed with your level, it was so much fun! Keep up the great work Scrappy 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback! really been wanting feedback to make good changes! ill deff add more ammo! and i was very unsure if the rocket launcher was gonna be good or to overpowered. I hoped it was difficult enough to get that it would be hard to obtain. and that if someone did get it since its a free for all hopefully people would focus the rocket launcher person and they would last too terribly long

  • I real joy to play Scrappy and very nostalgic! Thanks for the amazing map. Yep agree with the ammo shortage and also good placement of the rocket launcher, didn’t realise it was there until I did some exploring.


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