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Blankos Junction incorporates a XP & Badge System to add a bit of fun around the community. It also lets others users see who are the most experienced users on the site.

Members will gain XP based on various tasks and Badges once they complete certain activities around the website. XP & Badges can be viewed in each user’s profile.

If you are experiencing any issues with the badge system, please let us know via Discord.

Blankos Junction XP System

Ways to earn XP

Frequency of times is based on GMT.

Category Ways to earn XPXP earnedMax XP per FrequencyFrequency
GeneralVisit Blankos Junction55Day
GeneralDaily Login2020Day
GeneralView Legal Pages1010Month
ProfileUpdate your Profile1515Month
ProfileUpload first Profile Avatar1515Once off
ProfileUpload first Cover Image1515Once off
ActivityComment on another user’s profile/activity220Day
ActivityLiking/favoriting an activity post220Day
FriendsForm a new friendship2No limitNo limit
PostsViewing a Post (Party/Article etc)110Day
PostsMember views your post (per view)110Day
PostsPublish an Approved Post (Party/Article/Guide)50No limitNo limit
PostsCommenting on a Post (max 2XP per post)220Day
PostYour Post get commented on220Day
PostsPost author replies to Comment on Post (max 2XP per post). Note no XP awarded for replies to author’s own comments.220Day
ImagesView Community Image110Day
ImagesPublish an Approved Community Image25No limitNo limit
ImagesMember views your Community Image110Day
AnniversaryMember yearly anniversary5050Year

Penalties – Ways you can lose XP

To promote quality posts, comments, replies and discussions while discouraging spam, some penalties apply for some deletions and removals. If you make a mistake on a post and want to change something, it is recommended to edit your post/comment/reply instead. You have 24 hours to edit your comment/reply.

Category Ways to lose XPXP lostMax XP per FrequencyFrequency
ActivityComment removal on user’s profile/activity-2No limitNo limit
ActivityRemoving favorite/like off an activity/profile-2No limitNo limit
PostsTrashing Posts-50No limitNo limit
PostsTrashing/Deleting a comment-4No limitNo limit
PostsComment marked as Spam-10No limitNo limit
ImagesTrashing Comunity Image-25No limitNo limit

Blankos Junction Badges

Like Gym Badges in Pokemon, Members can earn Badges by completing certain tasks on Blankos Junction. These can be viewed in your member profile. Special thanks to member Fudzero for helping us with Badge ideas and providing the template for the 3D Blanko.

How to earn Blankos Junction Badges

Badge NameBadgeTaskBonus XP AwardedBadge Application
Seasoned Noob
Update Avatar & Profile10Automatically applied
Blankos Junction Addict
Viewing content 2020 times50Automatically applied
Team Player50 Comments on Posts50Automatically applied
Life of the Party100 Comments on Posts100Automatically applied
Party StarterLog into to Blankos Junction 100 times50Automatically applied
Social Butterfly Make 5 Friends
50Automatically applied
Party AnimalMake 50 Friends100Automatically applied
Artist Publish 20 Community Images50Request via Discord
Creator Publish first Post (Party/Article/Guide)20Request via Discord
Seasoned Creator Publish 5 Post (Party/Article/Guide)50Request via Discord
Master CreatorPublish 10 Post (Party/Article/Guide)100Request via Discord
Veteran1st Anniversary50Automatically applied
Elite2nd Anniversary100Automatically applied
Superstar 3rd Anniversary200Automatically applied

Note that at this time some Badges must be manually applied by the Admin. To request a Badge, please contact us via our Discord in the dedicated #support channel and we’ll set that up for you.

Note: As this system has been retroactivity incorporated and updated in Dec 2021, some Badges may not appear on your profile if you have completed these tasks prior to this please contact us.

Viewing your XP History

Your XP history can be viewed in your profile via the ‘My Points History’ tab. This tab is not publicly shown and can only be seen by you. Note that the time and date shown is in GMT.

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